Oil Derivatives

HIB Petrol brings quality derivatives which can be found in all the selling points of HIB Petrol as well as the wholesale warehouse. HIB Petrol deals with the wholesale and retail sale of Euro Diesel 10 PPM Power, Euro Diesel 10 PPM, Super Unleaded 100RON Power, Gasoline Euro Super 95 and Gas. Read more.. 


Restaurants of HIB Petrol offer variety of foods beginning with Albanian traditional recipes and following up European ones as well. The plates are perfectly designed accompanied with drinks and cocktails served with alive atmosphere that welcomes guests 24/7. . Read more.. 

Mini Markets

In the branches of our gas stations there are also mini markets that offer vide range of products including food, hygiene products and car maintenance products such as: antifreeze oils and fluids, additives, glasses shampoo, glass cleaners, AD Blue, batteries, aroma sprays from well-known brands like: Castrol, Shell Helix, Wurth, Motorex, Valvoline, Ina, Goodyear, Abro, AD blue, Read more .. 



Rewarding Competition

HIB Petrol Rewarding Competition Since Mars and six months onwards HIB Petrol is having the BIGGEST Rewarding Competition, through this reward competition we are planning to give out a lot of presentsMë Shumë...
By : dkozmaqi | Mar 30, 2018

HIB Petrol is the largest taxpayer in Kosovo for 2017

HIB Petrol, managed by Ibrahim Bucaliu, according to Kosovo Customs data poured Kosovo’s budget over 75 million euros and turns out to be the largest taxpayer in the country. This derivative company,Më Shumë...
By : dkozmaqi | Jan 2, 2018