As a company, we aim to offer a wide range of services to our clients. The restaurants and supermarkets at our selling points have become meeting locations for our customers, where we also learn from their feedback. This makes HIB petrol stations not only a place where you go to purchase oil derivatives, but also a very attractive place to visit. read more


When our customers are supplied with fuel, they can purchase other grocery products as well.
This is offered by the supermarkets that operate in each selling point.
Our customers’ time is precious. For that reason, we offer them all our services in one place and at the same time.

Oil Derivatives

HIB Petrol ensures quality by testing the imported oil at the authorized and most credible quality testing laboratories. We strongly believe that quality is not a luxury but rather a customer’s basic right and our aim is to differentiate ourselves from competition with the quality of our products, highest customer service, and integrity. read more


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Fuel Stations